“Sarah, Becky, and the other members of Moms Mental Health Initiative are always there to listen. I am in my third trimester of my first pregnancy and have been experiencing antepartum symptoms, anxiety and depression. Sarah took the time to sit down with me personally and mark off a check list and talk about her own personal experiences and also welcomed me into this group of wonderful supportive women who remind me that I’m not alone, That my feelings are valid. I’m so glad that when I have this baby I’ll have an experienced group of mommies to help me along the way.”

—Suzanne, Kenosha

“If it wasn’t for Becky Schroeder I wouldn’t have found the PPD/PPA support group. She reached out to me in another moms group while I was struggling. The group has been there to support me, listen to me vent on my worst days, and build me up with encouragement, love, and friendship. They understand me because they too have been through it.”

—Katie, Sheboygan Falls

“Throughout my first pregnancy and postpartum period, I dealt with a lot of emotions I didn’t know how to process, and never sought help. It was a very isolating time in my life and I missed out on a lot. When I found out I was pregnant again, those anxious, obsessive feelings started creeping back in, but this time I have a support network through the Moms Mental Health Initiative and just knowing I’m not alone, and have someone to talk to about it has been such a blessing already.”

—Mom from Grafton, WI

“ I wish I had this group after the birth of my first two kids. This is one of my fave groups! I love the support, the education on postpartum and all the other things! What a blessing this group is to so many!”


“I have battled PPD and PPA twice. This was the only organization that didn’t see me as a label and a number. They really got to know me and offered resources beyond a phone number and then they followed through making sure I got in. For the first time, I’m actually heading in the right direction. For anyone that has had PPD or PPA, or knows anyone suffering, please reach out. Hopefully, there will be more resources like these so we don’t have to battle alone and in silence.”