Beacon Of Hope

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A Beacon of Hope reminds moms they are not alone, empowering them to seek help and support.

A Beacon of Hope shows struggling moms they won’t always feel this way, that they will feel better.

So how do you become A Beacon of Hope? Support our work through a donation of $25 or more to offer hope to mamas. Perinatal mental health survivors can send words of encouragement and/or a photo with their donation. Others can nominate a mom to share her story of hope. We will share these Beacons throughout winter, giving light through the darkest days of the year.

Meet Our Beacons of Hope

Ashley Hoover, nominated by Casey White

Emily Fawaz, nominated by Sarah Bloomquist

Kaitlin White, nominated by Casey White

Katie Goers, nominated by Kristi Rapp

The Moms Mental Health Initiative Board of Directors, nominated by co-chair Alissa Begin

Melissa Bushman, nominated by Ashley Hoover

Cristina Ramirez, nominated by Sarah Bloomquist

Stephanie Ciatti, nominated by Casey White

Allison McGaver, nominated by Casey White

Andrea Lorenz, nominated by Karen Johannes