Mom to Mom Support

Moms Mental Health Initiative’s Circle of Hope

Imagine both your hands are being held by other moms who understand what you’re going through. Who’ve been there and REALLY get it. Linked hand-in-hand we form an unbreakable circle of understanding, support, and hope.

Our Circle of Hope group is a private, online support group for moms local to the Greater Milwaukee Area. Only perinatal women (pregnant through one year of birth) who we grant access to can join. No outsiders can see our conversations — no one will judge you. You don’t need to be diagnosed with a disorder or undergoing treatment. Nor will anyone diagnose you or recommend specific treatment plans. This is strictly an opportunity for you to meet other moms struggling with perinatal depression and anxiety. We hold no-pressure gatherings frequently where you can meet other moms in-person in addition to connecting online.

Contact us to request an invitation to this group.