Our story

We get it. As moms who have experienced perinatal mood and anxiety disorders such as PPD and PPA we are familiar with the pain and hopelessness these illnesses bring. We also know it gets better, a lot better. We started Moms Mental Health Initiative because we want to help more moms in our community reach the light at the end of this dark and lonely tunnel. We know how difficult finding the right help can be, so we want to make the task easier. Above all, we want you to be confident knowing that the process of recovery will help you come into a “new normal” and—although it is hard to see—you will gain wisdom along the way.

Our Mission:

Moms Mental Health Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping moms navigate pregnancy and postpartum depression and anxiety by sharing information, connecting them to resources, and providing peer-driven support.

Our Vision: 

For all moms with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders to have access to competent and compassionate health care professionals and to receive the social support they need for recovery.

Becky’s Story
Sarah’s Story