About Us

Our Mission:

Moms Mental Health Initiative is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping moms navigate perinatal mood and anxiety disorders by sharing information, connecting them to resources and providing peer-driven support.

Our Vision: 

All moms in southeastern Wisconsin who are suffering from perinatal mood or anxiety disorders have access to evidence based treatment and peer support.

We get it. As moms who have experienced postpartum depression and anxiety, we are familiar with the pain and hopelessness these illnesses bring. We also know it gets better, a lot better. We started Moms Mental Health Initiative because we want to help more moms in our community reach the light at the end of this dark and lonely tunnel. We know how difficult finding the right help can be, so we want to make the task easier. Above all, we want you to be confident knowing that the process of recovery will help you come into a “new normal” and—although it is hard to see—you will gain wisdom along the way.

A Note on The Name

When Moms Mental Health Initiative first came to be, it was led by two moms eager to help other moms. As the years have gone on and our community has grown, we recognize that our work with birthing people goes beyond those who may identify as moms. So while we are Moms Mental Health Initiative, we remain an organization for all. All gender identities and sexualities of birthing and parenting people are welcome here. With the right help, you will feel better. 

About our Founders

Sarah Ornst Bloomquist

Photo by El.Le Photography

Sarah Ornst Bloomquist, CFLE is MMHI’s Co-Founder and Executive Director. She has been advocating for perinatal mental health since she experienced her own postpartum depression and anxiety after the birth of her first son. Sarah brings over 20 years of professional experience including her work as child advocacy program coordinator, life coach, family support specialist for perinatal couples and crisis pregnancy counselor. Sarah is a Certified Family Life Educator, advocate and  speaker. She is committed to helping moms break down the obstacles to effective treatment and find hope in the process. Born and raised in the greater Milwaukee area, Sarah is a cheesehead at heart but spent many treasured years as a Hoosier. She currently lives in Ozaukee County and is a proud mom of two. She enjoys playing soccer, being active, hanging out with friends and neighbors, and taking her rescue dogs for hikes. 

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Becky Schroeder

A picture of Becky Shroeder, one of the co-founders

Since recovering from postpartum anxiety and depression, Becky Schroeder, MS, has become an outspoken advocate for maternal mental health. She spent a year working for Postpartum Progress as a Patient Support Manager, supporting new moms across the country struggling with maternal mental health disorders. Prior to having her first daughter in 2013, Becky was a mental health counselor. She holds a master’s degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from California State University – East Bay. Becky has training in suicide prevention and crisis intervention from San Francisco Suicide Prevention. She’s also worked as a college level instructor teaching courses on personal growth and professional development. Becky lives in Ozaukee County with her husband and two daughters. She enjoys writing, traveling and eating good food!

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