“I started therapy yesterday with a provider on MMHI’s list- & it’s giving me hope, comfort, & after just one session I know that the light at the end of the tunnel is closer”


“Sarah, I’m not really sure where to even start but I just really want to sincerely thank you for doing what you do. I feel like when I was pregnant and got connected with you, it was just such a blessing. I wouldn’t have even known there was a group of professionals who specialize in maternal mental health if it wasn’t for you. So, thank you for being the light that reminds us we’re worthy of help and thank you for being the bridge that connects us to that help.”


“I could have never imagined the isolation, despair and worthlessness I felt after birth. Moms Mental Health Initiative urgently connected me to treatment, other moms like me and they made me realize my baby would not be better off without me. They truly saved my life!”


“Circle of Hope gave me other moms who understood me during the worst and scariest time of my life. I was checked on, given resources and encouraged to keep fighting.”


“1 in 7 women are diagnosed with Postpartum Depression. This number is probably higher because many women don’t or are ashamed to seek treatment. Perinatal mood and anxiety disorders are no joke. MMHI is a beacon of hope for moms who need support.”


“I was lucky enough to find this group through Alexis Bruce. I’ve had anxiety most of my life but I was really struggling after my second daughter was born. I felt like what I had been doing wasn’t working anymore. I knew I needed to find help but wasn’t sure where to start. Alexis and Moms Mental Health Initiative helped me find the resources I needed to take care of myself. They made it easy and also made me feel very supported. I’d highly recommend them to anyone who’s struggling and needs some guidance!”


“I am 6 months postpartum and MMHI has helped me so much after a traumatic delivery which caused some serious health complications and lots of postpartum anxiety. This organization is amazing and such a great resource!”


“I struggled with postpartum anxiety and through this group, I was able to get the help I needed. I have been able to talk to moms who understand and could help when I was low. They have been such a saving grace!”

—Alyssa F. 

“Women helping women get through the hell of postpartum mental illness. Committed to getting moms immediate care and support.”


“This is such an amazing community. If you need help, they will be sure you find it. They truly care about moms and it shows. The founders are truly inspirational, non-judgmental and so empathetic. I was struggling with PPD and PPA and they got me in touch with a counselor immediately. I cannot say enough good things about this community. They are saints!”

—Alyssa O.

“Sarah, Becky, and the other members of Moms Mental Health Initiative are always there to listen. I am in my third trimester of my first pregnancy and have been experiencing antepartum symptoms, anxiety and depression. Sarah took the time to sit down with me personally and mark off a check list and talk about her own personal experiences and also welcomed me into this group of wonderful supportive women who remind me that I’m not alone, That my feelings are valid. I’m so glad that when I have this baby I’ll have an experienced group of mommies to help me along the way.”


“If it wasn’t for Becky Schroeder I wouldn’t have found the PPD/PPA support group. She reached out to me in another moms group while I was struggling. The group has been there to support me, listen to me vent on my worst days, and build me up with encouragement, love, and friendship. They understand me because they too have been through it.”


“ I wish I had this group after the birth of my first two kids. This is one of my fave groups! I love the support, the education on postpartum and all the other things! What a blessing this group is to so many!”


“I have battled PPD and PPA twice. This was the only organization that didn’t see me as a label and a number. They really got to know me and offered resources beyond a phone number and then they followed through making sure I got in. For the first time, I’m actually heading in the right direction. For anyone that has had PPD or PPA, or knows anyone suffering, please reach out. Hopefully, there will be more resources like these so we don’t have to battle alone and in silence.”


“Thank you so much again for your help, support, and encouragement. It’s so helpful to talk to someone who has been through this and who also is well versed in navigating this healthcare system that is far more difficult than it should be.”


“I suffered from postpartum depression and anxiety for several excruciating months.  A friend suggested I reach out to Mom’s Mental Health Initiative, and I did so hesitantly, not knowing what to expect.  I was shocked by the kindness and compassion I received from women who did not know me at all.  I remember pointing this out, and Alexis responded, “We have been through the same hell.  We are connected in that way.”  I knew then that these were women I could trust and confide in.  Truly, the support from MMHI was matched only by those friends and family closest to me.  In fact, talking with them was often more meaningful and fostered more hope; these were women who had walked in my shoes and survived.  The women of MMHI did more than just “check in.”  Sarah and others spent long weekends and evenings on the phone with me, reassuring that this would not be my life forever.  They made sure I was getting the proper treatment and help from medical professionals.  They were rooting for me as much as anyone else in my life during this time.  When I got better, I could feel their joy and relief through the phone.  They had invested in me.  They were on my team.  I am so grateful to Mom’s Mental Health Initiative for being there for me when I was at my lowest.  I hope one day I can give back and support other women in the way that MMHI supported me.”



“As a perinatal psychiatrist, MMHI allows me to put my patients in contact with other moms who have struggled or are currently struggling with perinatal mood and anxiety disorders. Engagement in peer support is so crucial in this population as women often feel very alone and isolated during their experience.”

Christina Wichman, D.O.
Medical Director, The Periscope Project

“I constantly hand out cards for MMHI. I cannot tell you how many moms are so relieved there is someone to help support them during the postpartum period; especially when they have a history of anxiety and depression with their last child.  I told a mom today about your organization and she told me it was a big relief to know she could get some help.”

Lead Social Worker, Advocate Aurora Health

“Sarah with Moms Mental Health Milwaukee has now helped me invaluably with several moms. Two in particular stand out – one with a fetal demise before 30 weeks and another with a traumatic birth experience and baby in the NICU with potential lifelong brain damage. Sarah and Moms Mental Health MKE not only helped immediately connect the moms with appropriate providers for postpartum medical and behavioral health follow up, but also brought up new ideas for support that I would never have thought of. I truly believe that the support these moms received as a direct result of Sarah’s and Moms Mental Health MKE’s intervention was life changing.”

Drew Gaddis, RN, BSN
Maternity Case Manager, UnitedHealthcare Community Plan | Healthy First Steps ®

“Best resource to get moms (and dads) connected to whatever resources are needed. Strong network of committed and knowledgeable people.”

Jan Kwiatkowski, LMFT

“MMHI Has significantly influenced the landscape of maternal mental health in Southeastern Wisconsin. They have been instrumental in finding and networking with providers and making them more accessible to women in need of service for maternal mental health disorders. This is a large task and they are making it happen.”

-Rose Eichenhofer
Eichenhofer Psychological Services

“The provider network and system Moms Mental Health Initiative has developed is truly the gold standard. It would be amazing to someday replicate that throughout the state. Thank you!”

-Ashlee Rahmlow
Postpartum Support International – WI Chapter